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Client: REVEL | Project Type: Brand Identity, Art Direction, Productl Design, Website Design

When REVEL approached us, they were in the middle of a complete rebrand as an organization. They were in need of new branding, a new site design, and a few short films. We were able to help them with all of the above. 

Along with brand new logo, branding and site design, CB Ideas became their sole provider of all resources relating to graphic design, apparel design, film production, and web development.



Art Direction
Product Design
Brand Identity
Logo Design
Website Design

Film Production




Simply put, REVEL needed help using short films to help connect their audience to their organization, plus allow new audiences understand their unique approach to ministry. Through film, we helped them communicate who they were at their core, so they felt like they knew them as individuals and as an org. 




We used a minimal, yet powerful color scheme, and font palette to insure their message of hope and 'revel-ness'  wasn't lost on their audience. 

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The combination of Dave’s quality, speed and ability to creatively collaborate is unparalleled. Dave continues to impact and transform our organization year after year!

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Apparel & Products

We've helped design over 50 products for REVEL during our time as a design partner, including shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs, journals, scarves, posters, stickers, flyers, and more.

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We used Squarespace as the template for a few reasons... First of all, they wanted a website that would be user friendly an had the ability to be edited on a weekly basis by their staff. Secondly they wanted a clean, easy to understand interface for their users, so we took that to heart as we created a clean, functional website for them.

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